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What happened to the media & elected officials...hmmm!
There’s lots more to come, and it will be communicated via this website, but I want you to know WHICH ELECTED OFFICIALS took the time to attend the initial MYM Meeting, and WHICH LOCAL MEDIA sent representatives to the meeting. Every local (city) elected official received individual notice of the event, including all city council members, all city school board members, and both mayors (city and county), and Congressman Steve Cohen.

The following television stations did stories in advance to publicize the meeting: FOX13 and WREG3. The following television stations did NOT mention the meeting in advance: WMC5, CW30, and ABC24. WREG3 sent a camera crew to the meeting AND did a story on the meeting afterward.
NONE of the other television stations sent camera crews to your meeting.

The following radio stations publicized your event: FM88.5 (Memphis City Schools’ station), FM95.7HallelujahFM, WDIA, WLOK, FM97.1(K97).

The following newspaper did a story on the MYM meeting AND had a reporter at the meeting: Tri-State Defender.

The Commercial Appeal did NOT mention the MYM meeting in advance, and they did NOT have a reporter there. media